10 Filipino Celebrities Who Died Young


Pinoy Celebrities Who Passed Away At A Young Age - Death of Philippine Showbiz Icons: Actors, Actresses, and Musicians Who Have Gone Too Soon could bring the whole Philippines down to the hysterics.
The death of famous Filipino teen actress Julia Buencamino has shocked many Filipinos in part because he was only 15 years old. Young Celebrities who died young include some of the most recognizable names in Hollywood. Top 10 World presents Celebrities who died young in the Philippines & Most Shocking Pinoy Celebrity Deaths.

Halina Perez Died at 22 years
Julie Vega Died at 16 years
Rico Yan Died at 27 years
Tyron Perez Died at 26 years
Alfie Anido Died at 22 years
Miko Sotto Died at 21 years
Marky Cielo Died at 20 years
AJ Perez Died at 18 years
Ramgen Revilla Died at 23 years
Julia Buencamino Died at 15 years

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