Duterte shuts down lotto, STL outlets


President Duterte on Friday ordered the closure of all lotto, Peryahan ng Bayan, and Keno outlets and all other gaming schemes sanctioned by the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office over alleged massive corruption.

MalacaƱang said yesterday Duterte was outraged by the grand conspiracy in all government-sanctioned gaming schemes, saying they cheat the government of its rightful shares and deprive the public of the basic service they need.
Presidential spokesman Salvador Panelo said Duterte is outraged after he learned that there seems to be a “grand conspiracy” in these gaming enterprises which puts the government and the public at the losing end.

“It appears that there is a grand conspiracy among the major players and enforcers of these government-sanctioned gaming activities and enterprises to cheat the government of its rightful shares, depriving therefore the masses of our people of receiving basic services needed by them,” he said.

“The President is outraged by the discovery of the plunderous machinations of these scoundrels whose insatiable greed is infinite and beyond redemption,” he added.

Duterte ordered all licenses, concessionaires, and franchises issued by the PCSO be recalled, cancelled, and withdrawn, effective immediately, in a special message uploaded on the Presidential Communications Operations Office Facebook page late Friday.

He directed all law enforcers to implement the President’s directives with dispatch and without exception. Those found violating Duterte’s order will be arrested.

The President said that he will not honor any court order that will try to stop government from closing down all gaming schemes outlets sanctioned by the PCSO or any court order stopping the government from conducting an investigation on corruption at the State charity agency.

According to Panelo, Duterte will identify the people in due time and make sure that they will pay for corruption at the PCSO.

“The Chief Executive will identify the culprits in due time and the full force of the law will come crushing down on them. This hydra-headed corruption will be cut off until it reproduces no more,” he said.

The Palace official also said that Duterte’s order is a reminder that the President is not joking about his promise to end corruption in government.

“Let this be a stern warning to all malefactors in the government, as well as all the enemies of the State, the Duterte presidency will be unrelenting in its war against corruption and unforgiving to the transgressors of the law,” Panelo said.

“The President shall continue to brandish the flaming sword of his office and strike it at the heart of this social and political monstrous dragon,” he added.

Duterte said he had no choice but to make the order, saying the PCSO asked for it.

“Talagang hiningi ninyo. Sinabi ko na nga walang corruption. Hinihingi talaga ninyo, ibigay ko sa inyo,” he said. “You’ve offered something to tie the people, allowing gambling and maybe it can help in the economic activity because money goes around. But if you f**k government, that’s something else,” he added.

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