Credit Card CVV or CVC - What is it, How important is it and How to keep it

For those using their CREDIT CARDS & DEBIT CARDS on stores, gas stations & restaurants. Make sure that your C.V. V. or C.V.C. at the back of your card is covered/concealed.


Normally a bank places a security strip to cover this for some reason(Not all).

Anyway, Access to the 3 number of your cards is a bit alarming-- Your card may be used for online purchases or linked to a fake Paypal Account in your name.

Best you can do is to cover the cvv or cvc to lessen the numbers that can be scraped from your card. You may also cover the expiration date of your card.

If you see someone taking a picture or a video of your card without your consent report them to the police right away. They could be a part of a large syndicate responsible for online frauds.,

Anyway, only you should know your C.V.C. or C.V.V. and if your card is not covered with a sticker. Then use a paper tape or any sticker to cover these numbers.

Hackers often employs third party providers, such as cashiers, gas boys, sales clerks, even waiters & waitresses to provide them with card details that they can use or sell in the online black market.

For best precaution, simply redirect amounts from your credit card to a prepaid card and use the prepaid card to purchase items in stores.

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