Mayor Lino Cayetano: ‘No place for corruption in Taguig’

Mayor Lino Cayetano (Lino Cayetano Official Facebook Page / MANILA BULLETIN)
Taguig Mayor Lino Cayetano on Friday lauded the police for their entrapment operation that resulted in the arrest of a corrupt inspector of the City Assessor’s Office.


The mayor issued the statement as he denounced the activity of John Paul Mabilin, who was arrested in the entrapment operation inside a fastfood establishment in Barangay Ususan.

Police said Mabilin’s modus consisted in bloating the tax amount to be paid by his client, after which he would offer to “help reduce” the amount.

“We are happy we conducted the operation. It’s a way of removing the few rotten eggs,” Mayor Lino said.

The mayor reiterated corruption has no place in Taguig noting that one of the major priorities of his administration’s 10-point agenda is good governance. Mayor Lino added that those who may be engaged in corrupt activities will surely face the full force of the law.

During his first day in office, Mayor Lino issued a memorandum to all officials and employees of the city reminding them of the prohibition against graft and corrupt practices as stated in Republic Act No. 3019 or the “Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act.”

The mayor directed all personnel to inform the Office of the City Mayor or the Human Resource Management Office of any personnel conducting these kinds of activities.

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Mayor Lino also urged residents to report to the city government anyone they believe to be engaged in corruption.

“Rest assured your city government will not tolerate any of these activities. They will be held accountable,” the mayor added.

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