Cockroach in milk tea?

A disgusting image of a dead cockroach that was spit out from a milk tea drink was shared by news anchor Bernadette Sembrano on Instagram this Monday to warn her followers to be more wary about what they eat or drink.

According to Sembrano in her accompanying caption, she and her husband bought the drink where they found the insect from the Greenbelt branch of Yi Fang Taiwan Fruit Tea last Sunday.

Her photo showed the curled up dead cockroach, which in its form could easily be mistaken as the chewy black tapioca pearls that usually goes with these kinds of drinks. She said that her husband had to spit it out after nearly swallowing it.


Sembrano shared that she had reached out to the company to alert them of the incident and that they had gotten back to her in a prompt manner. She said that the company bared plans to close the branch for a sanitary inspection and had promised to pay for any of her and her husband's hospital bills if needed.

"Thank you po for taking action," she told the company.

But things took a disgusting turn after her husband complained about chewing what felt like a square scrap of plastic.

"Buti at hindi niya nalunok. Mukhang naluto naman iyong ipis at buti naman patay na siya," she funnily said.

Sembrano said that she hopes the incident was an isolated one and even added that she would buy from the same branch again since she believes they'll be more careful from now on.

She did take the incident as an opportunity to remind people to always be wary about the food and drinks they consume.

"Unless you prepare your food yourself, you won't be sure about how clean it is. Kailangan lang talaga mapagmatyag tayo kapag tayo ay kakain at alam natin iyong reputation nung kinakainan natin," she said.

Lots of netizens reacted on the broadcaster’s post about her husband’s milk tea. Here are some of their comments on the post:

@chie8302: “Mabuti naman kung i investigate, wag na pa stress, hindi natin alam if hindi sinasadya pero dapat careful sila sa mga ganyan lalo na inumin!!!hay Ito naman ipis naki milk tea pa hay”

@patriciacoronado: “OMG!!! I zoomed in & it looks like ipizzz!!”

@donnarsoriano: “Hala bat may ganyan”

@cath_cath25: “Akala ata Ng Ipis Sago sya”

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