Ellen Adarna’s Video Goes Viral

The Kapamilya star Ellen Adarna’s goes viral when some of the people of the online community noticed something “off” from it.

Once again, Ellen Adarna caught the attention of the netizens because of her video which ignited and sparked various reactions and comments.

With the conservative culture of the Philippines, what has been noticed on Ellen was quite vulgar and “inappropriate.”

But then, on another side, she is just being herself and being comfortable while having fun with friends.
On the video is Ellen Adarna clad in her orange spaghetti-strapped blouse which seemed to hang loose on her thin body.

The title which was given to the video even called Ellen “liberated” and this image has made some people hate her for being at such and some have loved for being honest and true.

On the video, the netizens noticed that the gorgeous actress was not wearing a bra under the loose cloth.

In a different angle, her breast’s shape is so obvious, thus, collecting several reactions from the netizens.

Here are some of the comments:

Sa amerika nga ganyan sila manamit minsan walang bra manipis pa ang damit nun…. As long as may damit sya walang problema dun…. Sus kayo na nga lang nanunuod eh…. Eh sa jan sya comfortable eh di ba.

Whats so problem about it? Let us all accept na in this generation women are casually bold enough for not wearing bra all the time. Hindi na nga surprising sa mga model na hindi mag bra tapo ibina-bash niyo pa siya. I dont get it.


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