Former Domestic Helper Makes It to Top 5 of Miss Universe

It’s a beautiful day in the universe as a new queen was crowned as Miss Universe 2018 but though Miss Philippines Catriona Gray was the one who brought home the crown, another contestant captured the hearts of many people around the world.

Miss Vietnam H’Hen Nie made it to the Top 5 of this year’s Miss Universe but this was not the only thing that made her popular on the internet. Instead, it was the fact that this gorgeous young lady had once been a domestic helper before eventually becoming a beauty queen!


H’Hen actually hails from the Rade tribe, an ethnic minority in Vietnam. She is the first and only Miss Vietnam to have come from an ethnic minority – and that’s something to be proud of!

But because she came from the Rade tribe, H’Hen was supposed to marry early and have kids at a young age. It was their custom, a tradition that has been handed down from many generations.
Yet this young lady had bigger ambitions. One of these is to finish her studies and live a better life! So, she convinced her parents to let her go to school.

Getting her parents to agree was an easier thing than finding the money to send herself to school yet H’Hen did not give up. Instead, she worked as domestic helper so she can go to school. While studying, she would clean homes and take care of children.

It was a struggle for the young lady but she did her best to complete her degree her Business Finance at the College of Foreign Economic Relations in Ho Chi Minh City.
Becoming an intern at a bank was a blessing for the young woman. This gave her the chance to become a model, earning a better pay than her job as domestic helper.

But her big break came after graduation when she was discovered by a Vietnamese designer. Through her modeling stint, she became of the top contenders of “Vietnam’s Next Top Model”, ranking 9th as the season was completed.

This led to her joining beauty pageants, giving her a better chance to win the 2017 Miss Universe Vietnam. She stood out from all the other ladies with long hair and fair complexion but her ethnic beauty captivated the audience, and more importantly the judges!

As she finished in the Top 5 of Miss Universe 2018, H’Hen became an inspiration to the many young ladies aspiring to finish their studies and becoming successful in life.
Though she was born poor and had to work to send herself to school, she did not forget the value of education when she won as Miss Universe Vietnam. Her prize money of $10,000 all went to schools in her hometown, providing scholarships to impoverished kids so they can also have a better, brighter future.

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