Good News! SSS Members Who Lost Job May Claim Php10k Monthly Unemployment Benefit

Here’s good news to members of the Social Security System (SSS). Under Republic Act 11199 (Social Security Act of 2019) which was signed into law by President Rodrigo Duterte last week, SSS members who lose their jobs could apply for unemployment assistance, confirms the law’s primary author, Senator Richard J. Gordon.

This will be the first time the state-run agency will cover unemployment benefits – and workers could not rejoice because even if they lose their current job, they could still receive something from the SSS to help them find a new job.

“For the first time in the country’s history, meron na ngayong unemployment insurance. It will start with two months, at least meron kang Php10,000 a month if you had been paying contributions under the maximum salary credit. For two months, makakapaghanap ka ng trabaho,” Gordon announced.

To avail of the unemployment insurance benefit, the SSS member must have paid at least 36 monthly contributions and should not be more than 60 years old. The law stipulates that the member should have made monthly contributions within the 18-month period prior to the separation or involuntary unemployment.


Workers should, therefore, continually check whether their employers are properly remitting their SSS contributions so they can avail of this benefit in the future.

“It will allow you to look for another job. While hindi ka pwedeng magrelax at kailangang maghanap ka agad ng trabaho because you can only get a maximum of two months, you will have something for your expenses,” Gordon explained.

Under Section 14-B of RA 11199, the SSS member who finds himself involuntarily unemployed is entitled an equivalent of 50% of his average monthly salary credit for a maximum of 2 months only.

Those who pay the maximum monthly salary credit get Php10,000 as monthly unemployment benefit, good for 2 months, but those who are paying less will get a lower amount based on their average monthly salary credit.

To avoid this benefit from getting overused, the SSS member could only claim unemployment benefits once every 3 years.

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