Jane De Leon’s Halloween costume gets featured on international women’s website

Jane De Leon’s Halloween costume was featured in an international website focusing on women fashion and lifestyle.


Our newest Darna seems to have pushed her embodiment of “girl power” which led to her getting featured on”Hypebae,” a Hong Kong-based women’s website.

Jane’s Lara Croft attire at the 2019 Black Magic Party became part of Hypebae’s “15 Best Halloween Costume Ideas List.”

Aside from Jane’s Lara Croft, other looks from international celebrities that were featured include Jennifer Lopez’s iconic green Versace dress, Miley Cyrus as Ashley on Netflix’s Black Mirror, Kourtney Kardashian recreating Ariana Grande, Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn of Suicide Squad and more.

During the 2019 Black Magic party, Jane shared she was inspired by the fierceness of the Tomb Raider’s iconic lead character whenever she is training for “Darna.”
She posted photos of her look with the caption, “Danger is my middle name.” In a short video, she also quoted, “Damaged women are the most dangerous kind, because they already know they can survive.”

Jane said, “Kasi kapag nagte-training talaga ako for ‘Darna’, may mga parts na sobrang nahihirapan talaga ako. Iniisip ko lang talaga si Lara Croft. Like ako si Lara Croft.”

She added that unlike Darna who has superpowers, Lara Croft is more human so Jane gets to have a more realistic expectation of herself.

“It’s more on realistic kasi human talaga siya, not like Darna kasi may power siya eh. So I wanna be Lara Croft for now,” she added.

The 20-year-old Star Magic talent said she’s now undergoing fitness training for the role. It’s rigorous but she’s determined to give it her all. Jane said, “At first, it was difficult, but as we go on, I feel like I’m starting to get used to it … I’m quite athletic; I do wushu. I also have to be mentally strong.”

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