Manila to Baguio in just 5 hours via this P2P bus

Travel Baguio the shortest and the more convenient way!

The drive up to Baguio City isn’t for the faint-hearted. The twisties make the task hard enough—dealing with traffic and lack of parking within the city proper makes it even more difficult. It isn’t for those without a lot of money to spend, too, because fuel expenses go through the roof on a trip like this.

Travel time is (relatively) short since buses depart on a fixed schedule and go directly from the terminal to the drop-off point. Pangasinan Solid North Transit, a provincial bus operator, brings this level of convenience to travelers from Manila to Baguio City through its point-to-point (P2P) bus fleet. Best thing about it? One-way fare is only at P500.
Since its launch in 2016, the Premium Point-to-Point Bus Service has  provided a bit of comfort to commuters in Metro Manila.

It's the "first and only Baguio-to-Manila P2P," claims Pangasinan Solid North Transit. Route starts from the Parañaque Integrated Terminal Exchange along Coastal Road and goes all the way to the bus line's terminal along Governor Pack Road in Baguio City, Benguet.

Travel time via these buses is estimated to take five to six hours, and fare is set at P500 per head for a one-way trip. First trips leave at 2am and last trips at 11pm, and buses are scheduled to depart every hour.

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The Baguio-to-Manila P2P bus features an on-board restroom, reclining seats, entertainment system, free WiFi, overhead bin for your luggage, tray table, and charging port. Free bottled water is also distributed to passengers. Small pets are allowed aboard the bus, provided that they're inside a cage and wearing a diaper.
For even better convenience, trips can be booked ahead of time, either online or at PITX. Tickets can also be purchased in the following locations: JAC Liner Terminals in Buendia and Kamias, LLI Terminal in Lucena, and Pangasinan Solid North Terminal in Cubao.

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