Photo of Catriona Gray with La Salle player sparks dating rumors

Catriona Gray has been single for quite some time, but a recent photo of her with a basketball player from De La Salle University sparked rumors of a blossoming romance.
Green Archer Jordan Bartlett recently shared a photo of him sitting on a couch with Gray on Instagram, prompting his fans to ask if he and the reigning Miss Universe are dating.
The post, which has since been deleted, had the caption: “Had dinner with Ms. Universe and friends! It was an honor to meet you, Catriona Gray, and thank you for listening to my lava walk story.”
Netizens were quick to observe that Gray was “too close” to Bartlett, while other fans claimed that the beauty queen’s ex-boyfriend, actor Clint Bondad, liked the said post.
Adding fuel to the fire is Bondad’s post shortly after the photo was uploaded. On Instagram, he gave advice to ladies who “tell your boy or man or boy toy that you want a break.”
“Don’t expect us to do nothing! Unless we discussed some ground rules,” he began. “No rules equals no boundaries. Baby, please! If you don’t open your mouth and say something or give us a timeline or something, then it’s automatically counted as indefinitely.”
Bondad went on: “Be clear! This is not one of those ‘I expect you to read my mind’ moments! We guys don’t function that way! This process is very mechanical for us. We refuse to try and understand you without words. Especially if it’s you who asks for it ‘cause life currently seems a bit confusing for you and your cute little head. It’s against our pride to play gorgeous broom in the broom chamber.”
After a six-year relationship, Gray and Bondad confirmed their breakup in early 2019, shortly after the Miss Universe pageant.
Many of Bondad’s followers asked if he was referring to Gray in his post, which he denied. 
“There are rumors. Don’t read into everything too much,” he told one commenter.
To another fan who told him that he “doesn’t need her,” the actor replied: “No idea who you’re talking about, but we never truly need anyone ever.”
Stylist Ton Lao eventually made it clear that Bartlett “just so happened” to be at the dinner he hosted for Gray.
Replying to one of the people who commented on the La Salle player’s already deleted post, Lao said: “Not at all. I hosted a dinner that night and it just so happened that Jordan is there to borrow clothes from me, and he asked for a photo with Cat. That’s it.”

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