Viral e-jeep girl Dimple Morcillo apologizes on ‘Raffy Tulfo in Action’

Dimple Morcillo, 21, is the most recent viral girl in the Philippines. She is in hot water after falsely accusing a fellow commuter Alexander Butal, 53, of sexually harassing her inside an electronic jeepney in Bambang, Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines.

Because of the false accusation, Morcillo physically attacked Butal inside the e-jeep. Helping her beat up the old man inside the public vehicle were her father Diosdado Morcillo and her friend Robert Ramiento.


Dimple Morcillo
Everything was captured on CCTV, which belied all the claims of Dimple. It appears that she was not sexually harassed by Butal as she claimed.
As shown by the CCTV file, when Butal entered the e-jeep, he almost lost his balance inside the moving vehicle as he tried to sit on the vacant seat, which happened to be beside Dimple. She immediately reacted, as if repulsed, by leaving her seat and moving to another seat to be away from him.
Minutes later, when Dimple was about to get off, she punched Butal, who automatically retaliated with a kick. She returned and hit him with her bag.
When the e-jeep stopped, three men from outside entered the public vehicle and attacked Butal. None of the other passengers inside the vehicle tried to defend the old man.

Dimple works as a hospital elevator operator. She is a mother of one toddler.

On October 21, 2019, Dimple and Butal met in a live episode of “Raffy Tulfo in Action.” She was with her husband and her mother while the victim was with his son and daughter.
According to Dimple, Butal was drunk during the encounter inside the e-jeep as he reeked alcohol. The authorities who investigated the incident confirmed that this was a lie.
Initially, Dimple was defiant and tried to stand by her lies. But when the CCTV file could no longer support her claims, she broke down and tried to make an appeal to be forgiven by Butal lest she and the members of her family who helped her beat up the victim would be locked up.

Dimple’s face on the CCTV file was very clear. But when she appeared on “Raffy Tulfo in Action,” she tried to conceal her identity and requested to use an alias instead, which was Linda.

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