Yorme Isko Moreno Gives Php4M Talent Fee to PGH

One of the most well-known public figures in the Philippines today, Manila Mayor “Yorme” Isko Moreno Domagoso would truly make a great ‘influencer’. And this fact is recognized by two brands who got him as model!

Now a model for JAG Jeans and IAM Coffee, netizens were impressed to learn that he donated all his talent fee to the PGH, for the benefit of the sick kids. Amazed by his dedication, a brand decided to match his donation and also offered the same amount he gave for the PGH. Wow!

In a video posted on Facebook, Yorme Isko could be seen happily announcing his modeling stint. He told his constituents and netizens that they might be a little surprised to see him in billboards and commercials; however, he accepted the job for a good cause – and that is to have money to donate to the sick kids at the PGH.
The good mayor first shared that JAG Jeans paid him Php1 million to be one of their models. He agreed and told them to give his talent fee to the PGH. Upon learning that he was doing this, the owner reportedly promised to match that amount and also give the money to the same charity.

Then, Yorme Isko was offered Php3 million by IAM Coffee of IAM World. Again, he accepted the offer and also promised to give the money to PGH. He shows the check for his first half of the talent fee – and announced that the second one also goes to the same hospital, encouraging the sick kids to not lose hope.
Watch the heartwarming video:

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