MEGA MANILA: The 3 Mammoth mega airports status

So we're looking forward to those 3 mega airports around Greater Metro Manila areas.

1.) Clark International Airport (90% complete construction progress) - same size as hongkong international airport

2.) New MNL International Airport (aka bulacan international airport approved to be constructed by san miguel  worth $15 billion)

3.) New MNL international airport south ( aka sangley international airport approved winning bidder chinese consortium partnered with lucio tan group worth $10 billion)


The big question is why Manila needs 3 mega airports?


Basically We don't. Originally it was clark international airport at first. But having additional 2 mega airports why not?

Of the three, it's Clark that's getting the big push at first (originally before the 2 additional mega airports around mega manila was even introduced) from the national government. A big new terminal is almost complete. A rail line from Manila is already under construction. Some domestic flights that used to service Manila have been transferred to Clark. Foreign airlines like Qatar Airways, Emirates and Korean Air, which had sought expansion in Manila but couldn't secure slots have launched and maintain services at Clark. This is the airport that figures in the government's plan to expand air transport capacity for Manila.

On the other hand the 2 new recently been approved projects that will start construction soon:

The New Manila Airport in bulacan is an unsolicited proposal from San Miguel Corporation, one of the country's largest conglomerates. The proposal was approved by the national government, having been subject to scrutiny, approval and a Swiss Challenge, as required by law. A contract between San Miguel and the government for the construction has been signed. If San Miguel hadn't proposed to build this airport, then it would have just been Clark.

The Cavite airport project is an initiative of the government of Cavite, a province bordering the south of Metro Manila. Local governments may enter into such contracts independent of the national government, but I'm not sure to what extent. This is a large-scale project on Manila Bay, so at some point the national government has to step in. San Miguel previously offered to build an airport on Manila Bay, which the national government did not support.

The more the merrier since Metro Manila is expected to increase in population.  So why not?

So basically clark international airport was the "only" original plan by the gov't at first.. until the 2 additional mega airports was introduced and is considered as an additional  "bonus".

Why not?

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