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A SARS-like virus has claimed 81 lives since emerging on December 31 in a market in the Chinese city of Wuhan.


Coronaviruses are named for the spikes that protrude from their membranes, which resemble the sun’s corona. They can infect both animals and people, and can cause illnesses of the respiratory tract, ranging from the common cold to severe conditions like Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, or SARS, which sickened thousands of people around the world — and killed nearly 800 — during a 2003 outbreak. [ READ MORE ]

Countries with confirmed cases of coronavirus as of January 28, 2020
Map of the 2019–20 Wuhan coronavirus outbreak (as of 28 January 2020):
  Region of origin (Mainland China)
  Confirmed cases reported
  Suspected cases reported

To date, cases have been confirmed in 18 countries or territories. Here is a list of countries that have so far confirmed cases of the so-called coronavirus:


The toll from China’s viral epidemic spiked on Monday to 80 dead with hundreds of new infections despite unprecedented quarantines and travel lockdowns, as foreign governments scrambled to help their trapped citizens.

READ: China virus toll spikes despite massive lockdown

Officials also confirmed the second virus death outside the Wuhan region, saying a patient died in Heilongjiang province, 2,000 kilometers (1,200 miles) to the northeast.

— The city of Macau, a gambling hub hugely popular with mainland tourists, has confirmed two cases. The first was a 52-year-old businesswoman from Wuhan who arrived in Macau by high-speed rail on Sunday, via the neighbouring city of Zhuhai.
— As of Thursday, two people have tested positive in Hong Kong. Both had visited Wuhan in recent days and are being treated in isolation wards in hospital.

READ: Macau confirms virus case



Japan’s health authorities confirmed the country’s fourth case on Saturday: a man in his 40s, visiting Japan from Wuhan, who is currently in hospital in a stable condition.

Another man was hospitalized on January 10, four days after his return from a visit to Wuhan.

And a further two people from the Chinese city — a man in his 40s and a woman in her 30s — have also been treated in hospital for a fever.

READJapan confirms third case of Wuhan virus


On January 25, Malaysia reported a fourth case of coronavirus infection late Saturday, just hours after it announced its first confirmed cases.

READ: Malaysia confirms case of coronavirus infection


Nepal’s health authorities on Friday confirmed their first case — a 32-year-old man arriving from Wuhan, China. It is the first South Asian country to report the deadly disease.

The patient, who was initially quarantined, recovered and was discharged. The government said that surveillance has been increased at the airport “and suspicious patients entering Nepal are being monitored.”

READNepal confirms first case of new coronavirus


Singapore on Thursday confirmed its first case — a 66-year-old man from Wuhan who arrived in Singapore with his family on Monday.

READ: Singapore confirms first case of new China virus

South Korea

South Korea reported its first case on January 20 — a 35-year-old woman who flew in from Wuhan.

READSARS-like virus spreads in China, reaches South Korea


On January 26, the country has so far reported four cases of the virus, which started in the central Chinese city of Wuhan in Hubei province.

READTaiwan further tightens restrictions on China visitors due to virus


On January 26, Thailand has the most confirmed cases outside China of the new coronavirus.

On January 8, a Chinese traveler was diagnosed with mild pneumonia that was later confirmed to have been caused by the coronavirus.

READ: Thailand confirms case of new coronavirus


Two cases have been confirmed so far in Vietnam — a Chinese man living in Ho Chi Minh City was infected by his father who traveled to Vietnam on January 13 from the Chinese city of Wuhan.

READVietnam confirms two cases of SARS-like coronavirus



Australia confirmed on Monday, Jan. 27,  its fifth case of a new coronavirus, with health officials saying the case involved a 21-year-old woman who was on the last flight out of the Chinese city of Wuhan to Sydney before China imposed a travel ban.

READAustralia confirms fifth coronavirus case from last flight out of Wuhan



Canada’s chief medical officer said on Sunday that an individual who was declared the country’s first “presumptive” confirmed case of the novel coronavirus had developed symptoms on the plane while traveling from Wuhan in China to Toronto.

READ: Canada’s first coronavirus patient had symptoms on flight from China


On Friday two cases were confirmed in France, the first in Europe. One was in Paris while the other was in the city of Bordeaux, the country’s health minister said. Both had traveled to China and both were placed in isolation.

READ: Three coronavirus cases confirmed in France, first in Europe

United States

US health authorities said Sunday there are now five confirmed cases of the coronavirus in the United States and more are expected.

READUS health agency reports five confirmed cases of coronavirus

 Mainland China4,575106[66][67][68][69][70]
 Hong Kong80[73]
 United States50[82][83][84]
 South Korea40[88][89]
 Sri Lanka10[99][100][101]

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