Mayor Isko hits back at critic slamming him for ‘modeling for a cause’

Manila Mayor Francisco “Isko Moreno” Domagoso hit back at a critic who called him out for working as a brand endorser in order to gather funds to donate to various causes.

“Eh ang daming nag-gagaling-galingan. I challenge you, e ‘di puntahan nyo ‘yung kontrata na pinirmahan ko [para malaman kung kanino napupunta],” Moreno said in a video published on his Facebook page Friday. (So many people think they know everything. I challenge you, why don’t you go look at the contract I signed so you’ll find out who the money is going to.)


“Tingnan nyo [‘yung cheke], ayan, province of Batangas [nakapangalan], ” he added, while showing a check he will donate to residents affected by the eruption of Taal Volcano. “Lahat ‘yan, nang pinagmodelan ko, ni singko [wala ako nakuha].” (Look at the check, it’s made out to the Province of Batangas. I got nothing from all the money I made modeling, not even five centavos.)

Moreno slammed a certain Fahima “Fudge” Tajar after he was called out over his billboard endorsement on the latter’s social media posts.

Tajar, a lawyer according to his Facebook profile, claimed that Moreno violated Sec. 90 of Local Government Code, and said he is prohibited from “…engaging in any occupation other than the exercise of their functions as local chief executive.”

Moreno shared through his recent Facebook posts that he has been working for various brands to earn money for various cases. The latest was with two brands where he earned some P4 million, which he allotted to residents affected by Taal’s unrest.

“Violation of Section 90 of the Local Government Code. Lakas maka-invoke na sumunod sa batas ah (So quick to tell others to follow the law). #Eyesore si #Yorme,” Tajar wrote on his Twitter account.

“Kapag yung pa-cute na mayor ang lumabag sa batas, okay lang, kasi napupunta naman for a ‘good cause’[?],” he added in a separate Facebook post. “Pero yung vendor na nasa kalsada para magtinda at buhayin ang pamilya nya, hindi pwedeng lumabag sa batas kasi hindi yun for a good cause?” (If it’s the mayor who thinks he’s cute that breaks the law, it’s okay, because it’s going to a good cause? But if it’s the vendor on the street selling to feed his family, they can’t break the law because that’s not for a good cause?)

But Moreno replied: “Tanong, ano kayang naitulong noon sa taga-Batangas? Halatang-halata mo na pulitika ang intention. Anong buti noon sa Batangas? Dahil naiinis ka lang? Is that fair?” (Question, what has he done for Batangas? It’s obvious that it’s just politicking. What good does that do for Batangas? Just because you’re annoyed?)

Moreno said those who are calling him out are only trying “to find him at fault” after he recently slammed an artists’ group for vandalizing a newly-painted wall in Manila.

“Nagagalit kayo, pinagalitan ko kayo, pininturahan nyo ‘yung pader ng may pader dito. Eh hiningi ko lang [yung pintura] dahil dugyot yung underpass,” he said. “Ngayon sasama loob nyo… Dahil sumama loob nyo, hahanapan nyo yung butas ng may butas.” (You’re mad at me because I got angry at those who vandalized a wall that isn’t theirs. I just asked asked someone to donate that paint because the underpass was filthy. Now you’re mad, you’re looking for things to accuse me of.)

Moreno challenged Tajar that if he is really a “good lawyer,” then he should “just go to Manila” to offer help as “there are a lot of people in need of a lawyer.”

“Sana, attorney, donate mo rin ang mga sinisingil mo sa mga kliyente mo [sa mga nangangailangan],” he added. (Attorney, you should’ve just donated the money you charge clients.)

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