Meet The Gorgeous Daughter of Edu Manzano and Sister of Luiz

Many of us believe that the life of famous celebrities is never easy. Because they are already considered as a public figure, many people could not help but talk about their lives and even their personal issues. Actually, there are some famous personalities who were able to enjoy their privacy.

Just like the veteran actor and host Edu Manzano. Some people already knew that aside from his impressive acting and hosting skills, he also has that admirable “charisma” also the fahter of Luiz Manzano.


Luiz is a host, endorser, and comedian whose mother is the award-winning actress turned politician Vilma Santos. Luis also has a gorgeous half-sister whose name is Addie Manzano. She is already 21-years-old while Luis is 37. Her mother is Rina Samson who is a former model. In one of her dad’s post, Edu congratulated Addie for surviving in New York for two years already.

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Edu visited his beautiful daughter as she lives independently away from her parents. Addie loves going into the beach. She would often post her amazing swimwear photos on her social media account.
Many netizens noticed that she can really be a promising star someday not just because of her great physique but because of pf her admirable beauty as well. She already has experience in hosting and modeling before. She has been a Bench model before and a host during a UAAP season.
But the beautiful lady wanted to focus more on her career before joining the show business industry. Netizens were also amazed by Luis and Addie’s relationship as siblings. They may be half-siblings but they did not treat each other that way.

They love and care for each other more than real siblings could ever do, and that is really so admirable about them. No wonder that their parents are very proud of them.

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